sensor technology

Our solutions build a bridge into the digital age - through the use of modern sensor technology, we are able to collect precise environmental data over a wide area, provide citizens with public wi-fi, or realise local real-time marketing.

We collect environmental & noise data and create digital business opportunities for local companies by providing them with the necessary data for successful, data-driven advertising strategies.


Expand your installation with various sensors. Record e.g. weather data, temperature, humidity or noise pollution.


Provide access to the Internet via WLAN hotspots.


Inform passers-by about important events or use the function for location-based marketing campaigns.


Create visitor flow analyses for targeted city development and marketing measures.

Location-based advertising

Analysieren Sie den Bewegungsfluss in der Stadt, um örtlichen Unternehmen Auskunft zu geben, wann spezifische Werbestrategien am besten funktionieren.

New revenue potential

Generate new revenue by linking the company's local knowledge with the global digital approach.

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