Intelligente Mobilitätslösungen


parking solutions

Increase the efficiency of current capacities through real-time detection of available parking spaces.

With SMART.parking, we offer you a plug & play solution for recording the current parking situation. The data is recorded and transmitted in real time. This means you are informed about the parking space occupancy at all times. The connection to parking guidance systems reduces parking search traffic.


optimized traffic flow

Improve traffic management in your city or business. Through sensor technology and real-time analysis of traffic flow with the help of our infrastructure solutions, you can make future-oriented decisions. We help you reduce traffic and emissions in your city.


Record and evaluate visitor flows

By combining our edge technology with artificial intelligence, real-time information can be used to show visitor flows in terms of number and length of stay in a privacy-compliant and simplified way. Identify hotspots and use them for your marketing activities and events.


Bicycle and people counting

With the help of an optical sensor and our EdgeComputer, you can count bicycles and people in real time, depending on the direction, and in compliance with data protection regulations. An extension of the system to record speeds and crossing areas is easily possible and can be optimally integrated into your cityscape.


Record and evaluate visitor flows

Counting and dwell time of activated BT units in the detection range.


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