Our highly secure edge computer makes it possible to implement security applications with video and audio tools. Aggression detection, glass breakage or car alarms can be individually linked to lights, speakers or camera images and streams to make their environment safer.

Sound pattern detection

The sound pattern detection detects noises outdoors in real time and in compliance with data protection regulations, e.g.

  • glass break
  • aggressive behaviour
  • gunshot
  • car alarm

Thanks to the use of our Edge Computer, all data is collected and processed locally.

Each detection is displayed in the web-based management portal. Besides the possibility of automatic notification, all detections are logged chronologically.

Combining sound pattern detection with other services from our IoT world, such as for lighting control, enables real-time reactions (e.g. dimming up the lighting). This way, the perceived safety in an area can be increased immediately without having to have personnel directly on site.

video analytics

Our real-time video analytics system is installed with a camera-based streaming option (network connection required). Customers can thus monitor sensitive areas 24 hours a day. Various areas are defined in the video surveillance, and an alarm is triggered when these are exceeded.

Thanks to the use of our Edge Computer, all data is collected and processed locally. The footage is not stored or transmitted, so data protection compliance is guaranteed at all times.

In addition, other smart city applications such as, or other mobility applications can be connected and expanded in one infrastructure.



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