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Increase the efficiency of your energy use with smart solutions in urban living spaces with

Our high-quality power supply solutions enable you to operate your smart applications without interruption, even if you are not connected to the local power grid. Thanks to our specially selected lithium iron phosphate battery system, energy can be generated and stored completely independently or through a hybrid combination of mains power and battery (phase/battery) or mains power and solar power (phase/solar).

The compact design of the battery enables flexible and uncomplicated installation in a wide variety of locations, such as lampposts, in order to adapt ideally to your circumstances. Our battery systems, which have been developed using an industry standard and feature heat and charge management, guarantee a long service life and optimum system performance. At the same time, our safe energy systems remain extremely versatile.

Another special feature of the SCF battery system is the transmission of the battery and energy values, which, unlike conventional batteries, can be read out wirelessly. This provides the user with an excellent overview and enables targeted use of the overall solution.


Generating and storing energy

SMART.autarkic comprises an energy system that operates independently of external sources and supply grids, making civil engineering work redundant for a mains power connection, for example. The energy system uses solar energy, for example, to supply smart applications with electricity. A battery system is used to store overproduced energy so that it can be used at a later time (at night) if required. This self-sufficiency takes place on site and enables all SCF smart solutions to operate independently and under any installation conditions.



Smart kombinieren

The combined energy solution offers two different application options.

In the first variant, mains power is combined with a battery system. Smart applications require a continuous power supply, but most power supplies from public road infrastructure, such as streetlights, are switched off during the day, which leads to interruptions in the power supply. The battery system stores electricity during the night, which is used for the applications during the day and offers up to 3,000 charging cycles.

The second variant combines grid power with self-sufficient energy. The applications are operated with self-sufficient energy as long as there is sufficient sun or wind to supply the applications with electricity and store energy in the battery system. If the daily yield is insufficient, the system can switch to conventional energy sources without interruption to ensure a continuous power supply. This combination offers greater reliability and flexibility and compensates for fluctuations in the availability of renewable energy sources.



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